The Mating Game DIY Resources Page

Game panels: Click the link below each panel to download Adobe pdf copies of The Mating Game playing panels, formatted to print on standard 8 1/2” x 11” paper stock.

FPsc mating game panel A FPsc mating game panel B FPsc mating game panel C
Game Panel A Game Panel B Game Panel C

An early draft of The Mating Game implementation guide is available here in .pdf and .docx formats.

An early draft of The Mating Game problem set for students is available here in .pdf and .docx formats.

A little help here?

Let me admit at the outset that The Mating Game, like almost all resources in the FPsc genetics education program, remains very much a work in progress. On offer here are the latest renditions of the playing boards and supplemental materials: an implementation guide and a problem set intended to provide your students with the scaffolding they may need to get the most out of the activity and maybe, just maybe, remember something about their genetics “unit” beyond those horrible Punnett square diagrams.

I must also confess that I am not a practicing teacher at the moment, beyond the student research program that I lead at UW-Madison. whereas I have had the privelege of beiing allowed to test-drive various FPsc resources in Madison-area high school and undergraduate classroom/laboratory settings, I do not have the perspective to know what is and is not “do-able” in all settings. My ignorance was evident to me as I tried to draft text for inclusion in the implementation guide and problem set; all of my grandiose visions may not, in fact, be “do-able” in real-world settings.

But I think this thing has legs and I need help to make it useful to as many students and teachers as we can. If you use the game in your classroom, please let me know how you did it and how it worked. Just email me at