FPsc wet-lab protocols

Experimental protocols provided here are those recommended for use in marker assays of genotypes among FPsc/R500 F2 segregants. This is not to say that alternative approaches will not work; it’s just that our group has routinely enjoyed success by using these methods. Additional protocols may be added as circumstances warrant in the future.

Protocols are downloadable in pdf and MS Word format.

Genomic DNA extraction from plant tissues: Two protocols are described—a “quick-and-dirty” gDNA prep and a more involved protocol that yields high quality gDNA (and other nucleic acids) in quantities sufficient for visualization on agarose gels. (PDF, 486KB; Word, 163KB)

PCR and fractionation of PCR products via agarose gel electrophoresis: Polymorphic molecular genetic marker assays were developed at the UW by a team of undergraduates lead by Devin-Walsh-Felz and Melissa Mohn. (PDF, 550KB; Word, 23KB)